As I write these words from 30,000 feet up on my way to a speaker’s training program in Chicago, I find it hard to believe that 2018 is almost half way complete.  This year, I will give 6 national and international lectures and will continue to be on the forefront of what is new in the dermatology space by attending meetings and programs.  Each year, I like to add a new piece of technology to our repertoire.  Last year, we added Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to what we do in the clinic- PRP is used as an anti-aging therapy when combined with microneedling or laser resurfacing and is used to grow hair when injected into the scalp.

Las Vegas Dermatology has experienced a number of positive changes this year, the most important of which is our new Office Manager, Leslie McSharry.  Leslie has been a leader in our organization for 7 years, and has taken the lead in improving the patient experience and managing our relationships with the various insurers we deal with on a daily basis.  Our staff is top notch, working behind the scenes by:  answering patient questions, fighting for patient rights, getting much needed substitutions for non-covered medications and procedures denied by various insurers.  Healthcare should not be a battleground, as a staff we recognize the difficulties involved with being a patient- not knowing the condition, how it is treated and if that condition will be covered by insurance.  2018 has been an eye-opening year on the insurance front, and we are hoping for continued good relationships with patients and insurers moving forward as we mature as a practice.

My goal for Las Vegas Dermatology is to be the premier dermatology practice in Las Vegas; I work hard every day to be the type of physician that I would want to see if I were a patient. I do this by keeping up to date on the literature, maintaining a positive attitude and hiring like-minded people. Every Wednesday, we meet as a team, and discuss the issues we face in our office and the dermatology space; we do our best to act as a team and help to provide, “For a Healthier & More Beautiful Life”.  If you have enjoyed you experience in our practice- a positive on line review to Google Greenberg, Google LVDerm or Yelp would be greatly appreciated.  We currently have a 2 month waiting list, and I’m working to add additional hours to our schedule to accommodate the needs of our patients.  This year will be fantastic and we are already looking forward to next year, when we will really take LVDerm to the next level!

JOIN US ON MAY 31, 2018!!!

This year, we have decided to add the Hydrafacial as a beautifying therapy provided by our fabulous aesthetician, Autumn Varis.  The Hydrafacial is an amazing and diverse tool, which can act as a wet microdermabrasion and infuse various serums for anti-aging, skin brightening and acne treatments.  We are having a special event 5/31/2018 from 5:30-7:30 detailing the Hydrafacial and will be offering a special event only pricing- call 702-456-3120 to reserve your space.