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Las Vegas Dermatology® is a premier dermatology practice in the city of Las Vegas. Our mission is to provide “For a Healthier and More Beautiful Day”. We do this in many ways, through our dedication to our patients, our positive attitude, caring philosophy and family environment. Here in our practice you can expect the finest medical care available.

Our dedicated team advocates and embraces Las Vegas' toughest and most concerning challenges in Dermatologic health & skin care.

From psoriasis to eczema, acne, skin cancer and skin allergy— diseases and ailments of the skin require medical expertise, understanding, care, compassion and respect in order to safely and effectively treat a patient. At Las Vegas Dermatology, our team of medical professionals and skin care experts include Board Certified Dermatologists and Aestheticians with the experience and knowledge required to help our patients achieve a healthier and more beautiful life.


With over fifty-thousand patients served across Nevada, the United States and world, Las Vegas Dermatology is able to leverage the extensive medical experience of our entire staff against the problems, challenges and concerns of our patients. Utilizing the industry’s most cutting-edge and innovative technologies, we are able to customize an effective patient treatment plan. Whether treating a challenging skin disease or enhancing beauty through injectables, fillers and skin pampering, you’re in safe hands at Las Vegas Dermatology®

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We are proud to be a leader in the state of Nevada for advancing skin health and beauty.


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Las Vegas Dermatology has been serving Las Vegas and its surrounding area with excellence in dermatologic care for over 15 years.


We have helped tens of thousands of patients achieve a healthier and more beautiful life through our skin treatments.

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A caring, confident team of medical professionals, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the care and tools necessary for a healthier and more beautiful life

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At Las Vegas Dermatology, we understand that all financial situations vary from person to person. Financing options are available for cosmetic procedures.

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Clinical Research

We are currently enrolling for multiple clinical trials at Las Vegas Dermatology. If eligible, you may be compensated for your participation.

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The mission of Las Vegas Dermatology Foundation is to provide for a healthier and more beautiful life, using dermatology as the inspiration.

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