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The mission of The Las Vegas Dermatology Foundation is to provide for a healthier and more beautiful life, using dermatology as the inspiration. To this end, the Las Vegas Dermatology Foundation will raise community awareness of dermatology and promote skin health. Your tax deductible donation will help improve the quality of life for those with dermatologic conditions.

The Board of Las Vegas Dermatology Foundation

President- H.L. Greenberg, M.D.
Treasurer- David Cotter, M.D., PhD
Secretary- Ira Levine

Sponsors for 2022:

Platinum recognizes the most distinguished donations
Sapphire Recognizing donations of money
Gold recognizing donations of money
Silver recognizing donations of the money
Bronze recognizes donations of the money
Copper recognizing donations of the money
Contributors recognizing donations of the money

Sponsors for 2023:

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Sponsors for 2024:

Las Vegas Dermatology for a healthier and beautiful life

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