The Pharmacy at Las Vegas Dermatology

Las Vegas Dermatology is consistently searching for ways to provide for a healthier and more beautiful life. In an effort to improve your care and patient experience, we are committed to assisting you in getting the medication you need at a regular price. As part of our commitment to excellence, Las Vegas Dermatology has installed a micropharmacy called, “The Pharmacy at Las Vegas Dermatology.”

In most cases, we are able to deliver your medication to you in our office within 15 minutes of completing your office visit. Knowing whether your insurance will cover the medications prescribed and at what rate can be difficult to understand for everyone involved. But, the goal of “The Pharmacy at Las Vegas Dermatology” is to: provide your prescribed medications in a more timely and convenient manner, at a competitive price, and without unreasonable substitutions and delays. You are still welcome to choose traditional pharmacies to fill your prescriptions, however we are committed as an organization to providing you with a superior product and experience.

Las Vegas Dermatology for a healthier and beautiful life

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