Dr. Vegas’ Blog from the desk of Dr. H.L. Greenberg

I love eating out; it’s one of my favorite things to do.  Sometimes, I feel like a burger, other times a sandwich, fish, pasta, sushi or Korean BBQ.  Living in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants- Sinatra’s, Lavo, Hakkasan, The Steakhouse at Circus Circus, Hobak Korean BBQ, everything from fine dining to street cart and festival food.  As an experienced diner, I know that at some of the finer restaurants in town, the sommelier is there to enhance and improve my experience.  Noe is my sommelier friend at Scarpetta and sister restaurant D.O.C.G.– he is a gem and knows what drinks pair with what dish.  My friend Noe can transform a meal at Scott Conant’s signature restaurants from ordinary eats to an extraordinary dining adventure.  A knowlegable, personable, and friendly sommelier like Noe is a special treasure; although not a necessary person in the running of a restaurant, the sommelier complements a fine dining establishment.  In the same way, an Aesthetician can transform your visit at Las Vegas Dermatology from a basic, medical/drug-receiving visit to a complete skin care regimen experience.

When I started Las Vegas Dermatology in 2007, my goal was to have the type of practice where I would want to go as a patient.  Having studied multiple other dermatology clinics in different states and settings, I knew what I wanted and did not want in my facility.  As it turns out, through careful planning, assessment, and input from advisors, staff and patients, a culture emerged at Las Vegas Dermatology, where the goal is, “For a Healthier & More Beautiful Life”.  I am board certified in the specialty of Dermatology, and have been featured on the cover of 2 industry leading medical magazines in the past 2 years, I serve as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Nevada and am an invited speaker to multiple medical meetings in the United States and abroad where I have been asked to speak on a variety of different topics.  Dermatology is my passion, and I love what I do.

After two negative reviews on Yelp! disparaging our aestheticians and accusing my office of being, “upsellers” of services, I was encouraged to find a review at the end of March that painted our aesthetic team as the extraordinarily talented and positive group of skin care experts that they are.  The term upselling is one that I find particularly offensive, but is popular among those in sales.  As a fiduciary, I want what is best for my patients, and I like to give them every option to treat their underlying condition.  I wish that an aesthetician could join me in the room for every patient visit, because like Noe, the sommelier, a good aesthetician can do so much more for the dermatology visit experience by making suggestions of products and services to enhance and improve the patient’s skin.  It is my belief that aestheticians can improve patient compliance and overall skin care above and beyond traditional medical therapies.  The patients of Las Vegas Dermatology are fortunate to have Autumn and Rena here to assist in their skin care education, microdermabrasion, chemical peel and facial therapies.  Other aesthetic services include: Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Facial, Waxing, Dermaplaning and Microneedling.  Aestheticians have a rich reservoir of knowledge which they can use to help you look your best.  Call Las Vegas Dermatology today, at 702-456-3120 to schedule an aesthetician appointment, and unmask your beautiful looking skin.