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Dermatology notes from Dr. H.L. Greenberg


As a dermatology resident, at the 2005 American Society for MOHS Surgery (ASMS) conference I wasn’t sure if I was going to get enough surgical experience in to join as a member because I was doing more observing than cutting and sewing.  At the meeting, I asked then president of ASMS, Dr. James Q. Del Rosso, a larger than life kind of guy whose lectures are captivating and personality warm and engaging what I should do?  Dr. Del Rosso said to me, “Greenberg, ask your program director to give you the knife”.  I saw Dr. Del Rosso later the next year at a meeting he was leading in Las Vegas called the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference.  “Did you ask for the knife,” he inquired?  As it turns out I had asked for the knife, and my surgical experience and confidence had grown substantially as a result.  At the Fall Clinical meeting, I again heard Dr. Del Rosso lecture on various topics ranging from acne and rosacea to what’s new in the medicine chest- I was a Jim Del Rosso fan from the moment I met him and remain so to this day- I love to hear him talk.

Dr James Q Del Rosso PHOTO

In the March 2015 edition of New Derm MD I authored a piece entitled, “Are You Ready to Start Your Own Dermatology Practice?”  In the article, I wrote about what it takes to run a practice, the sacrifices involved and most of all how I wanted another provider to join our busy practice; as it turns out getting another provider on staff was my number one goal for 2015.  I had almost given up hope that we would get a provider to assist us, as there had been a number of physicians I have interviewed for the position, but none had joined or were a good enough fit for our practice.  On May 1, 2015, that all changed, my dream came true, one of my dermatology heroes- James Q. Del Rosso, D.O., a world renowned lecturer, medical researcher, former dermatology program director and brilliant clinician agreed to join our team.


This month I was featured in and on the cover of MedEsthetics Magazine– a national publication that goes out to all dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the country.  The article talks about how I got in to dermatology and started Las Vegas Dermatology- it features pictures of the clinic and our wonderful team.  I was so excited at the prospect of having this article come out, that I even had a YouTube video made highlighting our clinic prior to its publication so MedEsthetics readers could see what we have to offer in Las Vegas.  Any other month, I would have lead my blog with information about how I had seen my mentors on the cover of MedEsthetics, and now it was my turn.  But instead, I am filled with hope and happiness for a brighter future knowing that we have Dr. Del Rosso on board- his knowledge, leadership, experience and medical research will instantly elevate our clinic to a world-class dermatology institution.