Dermatological Surgery

“The only thing better than cutting to cure is not cutting at all.” Anyone can cut, but knowing when not to cut is what sets the good surgeons apart from the great ones. A keen sense of when to cut and when to try alternative therapies differentiates Las Vegas Dermatology from other skin care and dermatologic surgery practices. At Las Vegas Dermatology, we only perform surgical procedures if they are absolutely necessary and in some cases surgery may be the last resort. Many surgery alternatives may exist depending upon your condition. Some non-surgical options include: Laser or light therapies, Topical creams, and Radiation therapy.

However, sometimes surgery is the best or only option. When surgery is called for to treat your condition, the team at Las Vegas Dermatology will be happy to assist. The providers at Las Vegas Dermatology are skilled in multiple types of cutaneous surgeries including: Mole Removal, Skin Biopsy, Standard Excision, Flaps, Grafts, Earlobe repair, Laser Surgery, Electrodessication & Curretage and Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Some surgeries performed in our office can be viewed on the Surgical Procedures Playlist on Las Vegas Dermatology’s YouTube Channel. If you have a suspicious lesion, known tumor or other dermatological surgery concern please call now to schedule your appointment (702) 456-3120 or click here.


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