Psoriasis is most commonly identified as a skin condition with red plaques and thickened silver scales which can bleed and flake leading to social embarrassment, issues with work or worse yet manifest as debilitating pain in the joints. Having family members affected by Psoriasis, Dr. H.L. Greenberg is particularly interested in caring for and treating those patients whose skin and joints are affected by psoriasis.

Dr. Greenberg has been a strong supporter of and speaker for the National Psoriasis Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and supporting patients with psoriasis. The Las Vegas Dermatology office has raised funds for the National Psoriasis Foundation, and Dr. Greenberg hosted an event at a Vegas nightclub with America’s Next Top Model, CariDee English, in order to raise awareness of this frustrating, but ultimately treatable skin condition. To learn more about psoriasis, view the interactive information session above. For further questions, or to request an appointment to discuss psoriasis and its treatments, please click here to contact us or call us at (702) 456-3120 to schedule an appointment.

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