Acne is a common skin condition, affecting people of all ages from teenagers to adults. The causes of acne can be multifactorial- from hormones and environment to stress and bacteria. There are many ways in which to treat acne from oral and topical antibiotics to hormonal, physical and light therapies. At Las Vegas Dermatology, we start by diagnosing the type of acne from which you are suffering and then we provide a treatment regimen to improve your look. Our acne team includes a dermatologist, physician assistant and an aesthetician. We have prescription therapies to treat your skin and our aesthetic services include everything from microdermabrasion, facials and peels to individualized products for your particular skin condition. The holistic approach to your acne treatment utilizing medicines and topical therapies works together to clear your skin and improve your complexion.

Dr. Greenberg is an expert in the treatment of acne, having treated thousands of patients with the condition and lectured on the subject at medical meetings. Learn more about the medical condition of acne by viewing the interactive information session here. For further questions, and to request an appointment to discuss acne and its treatments, please click here to contact us at 702-456-3120.

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Which is more dangerous, “Tanning beds” or, “Natural sun light”? The answer is both. The healthy glow from tanning is just an indication of skin damage from the ultraviolet rays. Both forms of tanning can be very harmful for your skin putting you at a higher risk for skin cancer. Most definitely do NOT use tanning beds. Try avoiding the sun between the hours of 10-am – 4pm and remember to always wear your sunscreen. #Tanning #Skin #UVRays #LVDerm ... See MoreSee Less

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